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Piya's Bags

Piya's Bags - the brand was initiated to produce bags that are "handmade" from the local fabric. The bags are made in the local community from both cutting and producing some of the materials. Our aim is to reach both users domestically and internationally. Every bag is neatly "handmade" by local Thai sewers. We make them one by one, and for every piece of fabric, we carefully chose with the variety to meet a range of our customers' favorites which could be different.

Most of the fabric we use comes in a limited quantity. Therefore, it's not easy for our buyer to run into someone who gets the same piece. Perfect for customers who love uniqueness.

The design - we made it to be the most functional for many occasions. Washable for remaining the hygiene which is very important nowadays. Just like your clothes that can be washed every day.

We wish you enjoy shopping the bags from Piya's Bags 

Piya's Bags team